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Ж would love to grow, bloom and blossom -- to develop a programme with authors, thinkers, artists, musicians, directors, to show risky films and to finally form a longed-for but non-existent in Sofia library of adventurous periodicals. Тo jump, not merely survive. 

There are 96 small and 27 large ‘trophies’ at Ж. 

For a monthly subscription people can hunt down the trophies.
There is just enough space under any of them for your name.

Subscriptions come with perks (see below) the biggest one being that only subscribers can book a seat/table at Ж. Everyone else is free to enter and stay at any time, but only subscribers can make sure they have a reserved seat.

50 leva/month

300 leva/month



Only trophy-owners will be able to book a table. For everyone else Ж remains open on a first come-first-serve basis.


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