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Ж's beating heart.

We found our mellow, warm sound with the wise guidance of Sofia Audio Centre. We don't claim we have the ultimate sounding place. All we claim is we are moved by the sound.

Our current setup features the Tune Audio horn speakers (Model Anima) driven by the Audio Music RT3 dual mono preamp and 833S Pure Class A Single Ended Monoblocks. For analogue source we use the EMT948 using the TSD15 cartridge. For digital (Tidal) source we use the NAIM ND5XS streamer going through the dCS system (featuring Verdi, Purcell, Elgar and Verona which also provides us with the option to play CDs). 

Complementing the audio experience is the 4K laser Optoma UHZ65 projector driven by the Marantz AV8003 processor beaming over the Screen Research reference drop-down screen.

Our audio rack is bespoke, made by BOAZ Woodwork.

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